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New Holland Pewter™

Introduction to our Australian Made Fine Lead-Free Pewter


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Large kangaroo

Made in Australia

New Holland Pewter

New Holland Pewter is our unique brand of fine lead -free pewter which has been made in Australia for almost 25 years. The original master pattern is designed in our studio, then hand crafted to create the three dimensional model. There are several ways to crate the master pattern but usually the 'lost wax' method is preferred. From the wax pattern a bronze or silver master pattern is made. The master pattern is then used to make what we call a 'master mould' from which a quantity of originals are reproduced. These are second generation masters and each one is carefully hand detailed in order to make a production mould for centrifugal casting. After casting each piece is individually handcrafted to remove and imperfections and polished to a high glossy finish using polishing techniques developed by us over a quarter of a century.

For generation, pewter has been a highly regarded metal, fourth in line as the most used metal in the jewellery industry after gold, silver and platinum. Pewter could, in fact, be called, The Semi-Precious Metal because it is the metallic equivalent of semi-precious stones and is widely used in the jewellery, gift and souvenir industries.

Each piece is hand crafted to perfection in our studio and, when polished to perfection, looks like sterling silver.

To meet the international standard for this beautiful alloy, pewter is classified as being lead-free.The New Holland brand of pewter will not tarnish under normal conditions and, because it is lead-free, is completely non-toxic. When you look for pewter figurines, always look for our brand, New Holland Pewter.

We offer a service in custom making original patterns and mould making. We can custom make to your own design, make the mould and cast and finish each piece to perfection.

Our custom made pewter figurines are only made in the finest lead-free pewter . Our fine pewter is unique and, when polished, looks like sterling silver.

Learn Pewter Figurines Are Made



F 001

Large Kangaroo standing.

8 cm High

Price: $A25.00 each

F 003

Medium Kangaroo standing.

Price: $A14.00 each

F 005
Large Koala Eating
38mm X 34mm X 22mm
Approx.Weight: 60 grams

Price: $A16..00 each

F 006

Marino Ram

Price: $7.00 each

F 007
Kookaburra on log

Price: $13.00 each

F 008

Small Platypus

Price: $7.50 each

F 009
Large Platypus
72mm X 36mm X 15mm
Approx.Weight: 36 grams

Price: $16.00 each

F 010

Large Platypus Curled

Price: $16.00 each

F 011

Medium Platypus
on rock

Price: $9.00 each

F 011A

Medium Platypus
on rock
with cup for gemstone

Price: $11.00 each

F 014

Small Wombat

Price: $8.00 each

F 015


Price: $6.00 each

F 017

Crocodile Small

Price: $6.50 each

F 018


Price: $9.00

F 019

Koala with 11mm cup for setting a gemstone

Price: $9.00 each

F 020

Wombat Miner

Price: $14.00 each

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We have almost 400 pages on our site
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