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Michelle's Story

Crystals - Metaphysical Perspective

After 40+ years of living life in what I would call the mainstream world, I was just beginning to awaken spiritually though I had no idea at the time that’s what I was going through. I had began pursing a life long interest and passion in the areas of clairvoyance and counselling when I met Craig at a crystal wholesaler in Nov 2013. This was my first experience of true crystal healing energy. See Metaphysical PerspectiveI recall wondering around the shop dazed and confused as I really had no idea what I was doing, but luckily the salesperson who knew Craig well introduced us and told me I could trust him. I remember, he took a black onyx egg from the shelf and placed it in my left hand and began waving his hand over the top. I could feel a tingling energy and the crystal seemed to be moving in the palm of my hand... it was truly amazing as I had never
experienced anything like it before.

After discovering he was a Shaman and worked with crystals in his healing sessions, I immediately booked a session with him. This day was the beginning of an incredible journey of healing and discovery for me on many levels that has change and shaped my life in the most positive of ways. Apart from the best introduction to the wonderful world of crystals, it's through them I met Craig who I now know is my twin flame.

Through Craig's amazing healing abilities and knowledge of the use of each crystals natural healing properties both individually and by alchemising specific crystals together he was able to heal things in my life that had plagued and blocked me from moving forward, manifesting the life
I wanted and to believe in myself enough
to truly pursue my life long passions.

I have been on a steep learning curve since our initial meeting and with his continual support, guidance and help, now many years on I understand and truly value the use of crystals in my everyday life. Especially in my work now as a Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium it is imperative for me to be a clear channel for spirit communication that I maintain with the use of very specific crystals. I also work with and wear crystals for many reasons such as energy protection, grounding, enhancing psychic abilities and intuition as well as to maintain my general health and wellbeing.

I cannot speak highly enough of Craig's work and the power of crystals and their many uses.

Please check their website for assistance:

Michelle Wallace
Spiritual Guidance Australia
Mobile: 0418 100 655
Facebook: spiritual guidance australia

Craig Stephenson, Shaman Healer

I’ve been a shaman for some years now and have worked extensively in a practical way with using gems of all nature for healing and gaining greater insight into knowledge about energy and how things work. If you think about every experience we have, we have a feeling about it. Was it sad, exciting, depressing ………?

We store these trapped feelings and the way we had experienced them within ourselves. We have our perceived understanding that we also add to it. It then shapes our response when something of a similar nature occurs holding us into a pattern that we handle the same way each time.

Over time, because these experiences repeatedly occur, we start to see it as normal. “Oh, that always happens to me!” It’s deeply embedded within the subconscious and affects us on the level of our identity. So, I am the way I am and that wont change! It is difficult to see how we can change ourselves since we can’t see ourselves in any other way.
So what can you do to help yourself?

If every stored experience within our bodies and subconscious has its own unique frequency then targeting that frequency can help raise it up so you can see it. How does it appear? Not in the way you would expect? Once raised its now activated, once activated it then triggers real experiences to occur in your everyday life where you will see the
problem now on a conscious level.

As an example, many suffer from an issue of injustice so they tend to project the experience of injustice as caused by the person external to themselves. What they don’t realise, is it occurred because of the frequency which exists inside themselves, which has created it.

So what next? Stones have unique frequencies and metaphysical influences that match many things trapped inside of us. These properties help raise those things that trouble us so we can work with and overcome them.

Let’s take an example. Someone has had nothing but abusive relationships in their life. They have been criticised, blamed, yelled at and, in some cases, endure physical abuse by someone who should care for them. They don’t know why but they end up with someone in their life like this no matter how hard or how careful they are when finding new relationships.

I take nothing away from the fact that someone abusive is a bad person and needs to change but how does that person, who always ends up with an abuser, deal with relationships so they can trust someone new not to abuse?

Stones, like carnelian or fire agate, can help with restoring confidence.
But the abuse can have also created depression.

A great stone to help bring clarity back to mind and a more positive sense is malachite. Pair malachite with tigers eye and we may be able to restore some optimism. But we still need to clear the pattern of abuse. So a great stone to assist with patterns of abuse is purpurite. This is a great example where just holding a stone daily whilst you rest or watch TV can start to change the messages you send out of your auric field.

One thing I will stress is that contact with the stone is necessary. Sitting on a table in the room is not going to assist in raising the frequencies in your body. Come into contact with it. Hold it. It doesn’t matter if you can’t feel anything as the stone will assist you regardless.

So what do you choose to work with? Many books have been written on the metaphysical properties of stones. However to get started the best way is by simply going with the one/s you’re drawn to. Don’t second guess your choice. It’s so common for someone to get drawn to a stone and then look up its metaphysical properties and find out what they chose was what they needed. Your subconscious is what guides you
as it knows exactly what you need!

Taking the stones to other uses will happen along the way. Those drawn to crystals generally become connected in such a way they start to add them to the home and office as they are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are also healing the environment/s they live and work in.

Large crystal generators assist in removing patterns of thought that sit within the environment around us. Thought energy is heavy. Have you ever noticed that somehow a room may seem difficult or heavy to breath in? You may not notice until the energy of the room is cleared. That’s when most people notice what was undetected before. This thought energy can hold you in patterns of thought.

Have you ever noticed being in your favourite chair and you seem to always go back to the same type of thoughts? The thought pattern is in the air surrounding the chair. So adding crystals to a room may assist with breaking these often fixed patterns. What also needs to be added here is that all stones need cleansing.

How do you cleanse them? The full moon? Yes great! It does work. Soaking in salt water from the beach? Yes this is also great but not so great for friable types of stones so you would need to look into what can and can’t be cleared in salt water.

If you have large generators and or multiple stones in your collection it may not practical to take them all outside to cleanse under the full moon or soak in salt water. There is an easy solution.

We use quartz crystal singing bowls to vibrationally clear everything from our crystals to the energy in our home and work spaces. Ringing a quartz crystal singing bowl in the room where these gems reside will clear them and bring them back to their highest vibration. For me, as my stones are my tools for my healing work, I use a singing bowl to cleanse and vibrationally recharge them after each healing session or at minimum on a daily basis. What’s been presented here is just a brief understanding of stone application. Regardless of what others may say crystals are not just new age fluff. My clients are testimony to the incredible healing abilities of stones and the multitude of clients that have purchased from us and provided feedback as to how their lives have changed.

So get inspired with stones, they are more than just a visually pleasing addition to the home or office, they really are a road
to a more expansive experience in life.   

Spiritual Guidance Australia
Mobile: 0418 100 655
Facebook: spiritual guidance australia

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