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Agatised Shell

Stone of Adaptability

Agatised Shells from the Dhar region, Madhya Pradesh, Centra India, are a variety a rare left handed coil gastropod that existed about 100 million years ago. These shells were called Dakshinavarti in ancient Sanskrit.

The Hindu, Buddhist and Tibetean culture revere these left handed coil gastropods for their metaphysical properties. Spiralite Gemshell is trademarked.

According to New Age Therapists these shells stimulate intuition, Imagination, sensitivity and adaptability. They are also said to enhance mental clarity and provide insights into decision making. Shell promotes cooperation between the self and others, as well as within the self.
It provides cohesive energy for groups. The association with the Hindu God Vishnu is quite appropriate for the energetic properties of these stones have much to do with the preservation of life. Zodiac: Gemini

How many of you have picked up a rock
and wondered where it came from.
What is it made of?


By Gerald Reginald Pauley (1981)

Our bodies are composed of minerals
and our lives depend on many elements
of which these minerals are composed, so......

If you pick up a ROCK don't just throw it away,
Examine to see what it has to say
For ROCKS tell a story of life throughout time
Whether found on the surface or deep down a mine;
ROCKS house the minerals we build into homes.
Our cars and T.V.'s once started as stones.
ROCKS line the pathway that leads to your door,
ROCK salts in your bath when you're feeling sore.
They say sticks and STONES may break your bones
And those in glass houses shouldn't throw STONES.
We have ROCK buns and a favourite ROCK band
And say "Stone the Crows" when things get out of hand.
You don't need much ROCKing when you start to relax.
But ROCK bottom you hit when you have to pay tax.
ROCK pox you've got when you collect stones
And once you get it, it stays in your bones.
So next time you're out on one of your walks...
Pick up a stone and see if it talks?!
If it does, do not answer, be tight lipped instead
Or people will think you have ROCKS in your head!


Don't knock the ROCK..........
You should respect your elders.

© 2020, Gerald Reginald Pauley

ROCKS are composed of minerals.
Minerals are composed of elements.
There are 118 elements in the periodic table.
In the beginning, the young earth
only had some 250 to 300 minerals
but it is these elements combining
which gave rise to life over 3 billion years ago.


This is a story about rocks. All types of rocks.
Rocks are so important to mankind and not just for hurling at each other before sophisticated weapons were invented. Early man must have been fascinated by stones they would find on their travels and if the looked unusual they would carry them for good luck. As man progressed he started to fashion stones into tools and the really pretty ones they would wear as jewellery. The Stone Age refers not a broad archeological period which began some 3.4 million years ago when man began fashioning stones into tools.

Maybe we are still living in a Stone Age?

Are we living in the New Stone Age, or some may ask is this the New Age of Stones?

The next step in the evolution of stones was the ability to extract metals from rocks. This commenced about 3,000 BC with the Bronze Age where tin and copper were alloyed to make the metal bronze. It was beyond the understanding to melt terrestrial iron but tin with its low melting point of 232ºC and copper with its moderately low melting point of 1,085ºC were within the capabilities of Neolithic pottery makers.

Pottery kilns date back to 6,000 BC. Pottery uses clay and clay is technically a mineral. Bronze was harder and more durable than other metals at the time and Bronze Age cultures with the ability to make bronze had a distinct advantage over other cultures as they could make more sophisticated weapons. These are two metals extracted from rocks.

The Iron Age is the final epoch in the three Ages of pre-history of humans. The period started about 500BC and is said to have ended with the commencement of the Historiographic Record. This is the period of recorded history but does not have a time of commencement.

So you see, the through the ingenuity of humankind rocks have been used to their advantage for hundreds of thousands of years.

Some rocks have an astrological or religious significance. Stonehenge, a pre-historic monument in Wiltshire, England is such an example. It was built between 3,000 BC and 2,000 BC but its purpose remains a mystery. There are two types of stone used, Sandstone and bluestone. It must have been an important site to the people that built it because they shipped these huge monolith, weighing as much as 22 tonnes over 180 miles from the quarry in Wales. It is believed that these huge stones were moved on Sleds greased with lard.

My wife, Linna, loves unusual rocks. Whilst in Tasmania she fell in love with two egg shaped pieces of granite in the front garden of a house. I knocked on the door and negotiated to buy them. She later discovered the origin and we had to visit. The egg shaped rocks were washed down a tidal river on the west coast of Tasmania. The river was a 500 metre walk from the point of entry to the beach. So we went for a walk with friends Mike and Eleanor Phelan, from Zeehan, Tasmania. Linna would pick out the rocks she wanted and the men, Mike and myself, would carry, or drag, them back to the vehicles. The tide was coming in and Linna was on the opposite side of the river yelling and waving for me to go to pick up a nice egg she had found. Getting it out from the spot where it was lodged was difficult enough but getting it back to the vehicle was a nightmare! It weighed 50 Kgs. I rolled it into a back pack and with Mike's help we got it out of the river. Now for the 500 metre trip across soft sand to get it back to the vehicle. Mike tied a rope around the back pack and dragged it across the beach. I just about had to kidnap Linna to get her off the beach. Linna saw a beauty in these stones and
has kept them as curiosities.

We all see different things in rocks and collect them for different reasons. Personally, I look for the unusual minerals and formations that occur in rocks, even checking under the microscope and entering
a new world of unimagined beauty.

Millions of people around the world are using stones for many purposes other than jewellery, articles of adornment and decoration. Some even invest in unique and precious stones or even rare and beautiful mineral specimens and jewellery.

I have always felt good around minerals and that is why I have always collected minerals.

Our good friends, Michelle and Craig offer different points of view on rocks and each has a story about their involvement. I had an experience with Craig that was rather incredible. Craig and Michelle visited me and Craig could tell I was stressed. He was right.

He took my hand and waved his other hand over my hand as if withdrawing something. No sooner had he finished than the phone rang. It was the answer I had been waiting for.

Michelle also has a story to tell about Craig.

Michelle's Story

Crystals - Metaphysical Perspective

After 40+ years of living life in what I would call the mainstream world, I was just beginning to awaken spiritually though I had no idea at the time that’s what I was going through. I had began pursing a life long interest and passion in the areas of clairvoyance and counselling when I met Craig at a crystal wholesaler in Nov 2013. This was my first experience of true crystal healing energy. I recall wondering around the shop dazed and confused as I really had no idea what I was doing, but luckily the salesperson who knew Craig well introduced us and told me I could trust him.

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Metaphysical Perspective

I cannot speak highly enough of Craig's work and the power of crystals and their many uses.

Please check their website for assistance:

Michelle Wallace
Spiritual Guidance Australia
Mobile: 0418 100 655
Email: admin@spiritualguidanceaustralia.com
Facebook: spiritual guidance australia
Website: spiritualguidanceaustralia.com

Craig Stephenson, Shaman Healer

I’ve been a shaman for some years now and have worked extensively in a practical way with using gems of all nature for healing and gaining greater insight into knowledge about energy and how things work. If you think about every experience we have, we have a feeling about it. Was it sad, exciting, depressing ………?

We store these trapped feelings and the way we had experienced them within ourselves. We have our perceived understanding that we also add to it. It then shapes our response when something of a similar nature occurs holding us into a pattern that we handle the same way each time.

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Metaphysical Perspective

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