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The Welcome Stranger Nugget

Black Reef, Bull-Dog Gully, Moliagul
Friday 5th February, 1869
2269 ozs 10 dwt 14 grains of pure Gold

The Welcome Stranger Nugget was found by John Deason and Richard Oates on Friday 5th February, 1869 near the Black Reef, Bull-Dog Gully, Moliagul. The two men had been working the area for several years and were almost broke having been refused loans or credit for even a bag of flour. Deason was working around the roots of a tree when he broke his pick upon striking something large.

The huge nugget was taken to the bank and a crowd had gathered to see the prize whilst it was under guard of one Constable. Hammer and chisels were used to reduce the mass in size and it was immediately smelted yielding 2269 ozs 10 dwt 14 grains of pure Gold. It remains the largest gold nugget ever found in the world.

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