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The Golden Eagle Nugget

Larkinville, Western Australia
Friday 15th January, 1931
Weight: 1136 troy ounces or roughly 35.3 Kgs

The Golden Eagle Nugget was unearthed on Thursday 15th January 1931, at Larkinville, Western Australia by the 17-year-old son of Mr Jim Larcombe. It officially weighed in at almost 1136 troy ounces or roughly 35.3 Kgs. It measured 26½ x 11½ x 2½ inches (675 x 290 x 64 mm) and required two men to lift it.

The Golden Eagle, as it was named, is believed to be the largest solid mass of gold ever found in Western Australia, and one of the largest nuggets ever found in the entire world. The nugget was sold to the State Government for £5,438.  Unfortunately it was melted down for its gold value. The nugget was located beneath a road that led to a mining camp, and had been driven over the top of countless times by miners.

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