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We personalise mouse mats for individuals as well as customise mouse mats for businesses and companies.

Each personalised mouse mats becomes an individual item and makes an ideal personalised gift for relatives, friends or work mates or for celebrating a special occasion such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. They make great gifts for people attending a wedding or a special occasion. Almost everyone has a computer at home or at work.

All you need to do, is to provide us with the text and a suitable photo, as separate files, and we will do the rest. We also have a wide range of generic photos, or clip art, for you to choose from and we will provide you a sample image by email, or place on a temporary URL for you to view, for your approval prior to printing.

Longer runs of mouse mats, for corporate gifts or business gifts, work out cheaper and we can even personalise each mouse mats with a person's name or business name such as "To: Joe, From: Hilda" or other slogan or promotional text. There is only a small surcharge for this service ($1.20 per article).

Our process is fast and efficient and, above all made in Australia.

Multi-image mouse mats, with several small images, logos, text, information or instructions are also a further option. We can even put a calendar on your mouse mat so you know what day to go home.

If you are using the mouse mats as 'give-aways' or promotional products, then you should promote your company logo, slogan and telephone number. Most people will phone rather than turn up.

To compliment your mouse mats we also offer a range of magnets and superb lead free pewter key chains. See our customised 'example' page.

Our mouse mats are made from high quality 'neoprene' and are washable, durable and long lasting. It's the stuff that 'wet suits' are made of.

Our range is only limited by your imagination.


Prices For Mouse Mats
Standard Size: 23 cm X 19 cm (4.5 mm thick, approx.)

For a 'one off' mouse mat, you should supply us with a photo or artwork and text, provided as separate files. We will design the image for you.

The price of a single mouse mat is $14.00 + postage. Extra mouse mats, with a name change only, are $12.00 each. For larger quantities see the price list below.

For quantity discounts,see below.
10 - 20 = $A10.00 ea
21 - 50 = $A8.50 ea
51 - 100 = $A8.00 ea
101 + = $A7.50 ea

We also make a larger sizemat, for special orders: 25.7 cm X 21.4 cm (4.5 mm thick, approx.)
$18.00 each plus postage.
10 - 20 = $A13.50 ea
21 - 50 = $A12.50 ea
51 - 100 = $A11.00 ea
101 + = $A9.50 ea
Please add $1.20 per mat for a differentname with the same image

Remember, just $A1.20 each for a different name on each one regardless of quantity above 10 (ten).
Australian customers please add 10% GST - Thank you.
PLEASE NOTE: Fluctuation in the exchange rate will affect the international prices.
Please check with our 'Currency Converter' for international prices.
If your order is for over 101 mats we can personalise them. The name change is just $1.00 extra
for each name.

Please Note: We do not do full coverage image printing in small quantities due to the mat being compressed during the printing process. See Example 4. This is the largest image we print.

Please ensure that your image is the correct size if you are providing finished artwork.

Please note our MAXIMUM IMAGE SIZE REQUIREMENTS for each mat

Standard Size Mat: 19 cm X 14 cm
Large Size Mat: 20.7 cm X 17.4 cm


Standard Mat Size: 23 cm X 19 cm (4.5 mm thick, app.)
Price: 1 = $14.50 each; 2 - 9 = $12.50 each; 10 - 20 = $10.00 each

Large MAT Size: 25.7 cm X 21.4 cm (4.5 mm thick, app.)
Price: 1 = $18.00 each; 2 - 9 = $16.00 each; 10 - 20 = $13.50 each

Please Note: The above prices are for multiple mats with the same image.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5


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It's not a true Australian Souvenir if it is not made in Australia!

For many years now we have been leaders in the design and manufacture of customized souvenirs, customized spoons, customized cocoons, customized gifts and customized magnets. Our range of Australian souvenirs is wide and varied but we specialise in Australiana Heritage designs. Everything is made in house and we do all of our own designs for product, packaging, and presentation.

In the industry we supply, we are able to customize any of our products to suit your needs. We manufacture our customized souvenirs in small volumes to suit the size of your business and offer a fast and reliable service.

Our souvenir range is all Australian made and designed and we strive to source every component in Australia.

No matter what your needs are we will be able to assist you. For further information write to us and we will arrange for a representative to call and assist you with your requirements.

We manufacture a range of fine lead free pewter figurines including, kangaroos, koalas and other Australiana Fauna, marine fauna from Australian and international waters and our series of pewter animals and mining figurines has been popular for over 20 years. We are currently working on a new range of over 200 world wide figurines to suit a variety of markets.

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