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AussieMossie Zapper

Priceand Service - We Will Not Be Beaten

Thisis the best Zapper on the market!
Rechargeable, 110 - 240 volts and 6 month guarantee

This is the bestZapper on the market!
Rechargeable, 110 - 240 volts and 6 month guarantee


The Aussie Mossie Zapper™ has been designed
to meet Australian standards. It is safe and easy to use.

The Aussie Mossie Zapper will kill flies, mosquitos and many other insects. If you don't like the smell of Insect Sprays, this is the device for you.

RRP $37.95

2 For $70.00
3 For $100.00
Plus Postage & Handling

Wholesale Special
Box of 15 - $225.00
Plus Postage & Handling
Phone For Special Prices
+61 3 (0)401 284 307

Each Zapper is checked before shipping.
If you find a problem with your Aussie Mossie Zapper,
you should immediately
send us an email notifying us of the problem
and you must return the Aussie Mossie Zapper in it's original box
in 7 (seven) days of receipt for replacement.
Please Include $15.00 for postage and handling.

Aussie Mossie Zapper



Rechargeable. Fitted with two 1.2 V high quality rechargeable batteries which have the capability of being recharged up to 600 times if operated correctly.
Double-Speed Discharge. An innovative Double-Speed discharge circuit delivers 2,500 volts immediately when contacting the insect.
Protective Shockproof Net. This model is fitted with a protective shockproof net on each side, which will allow the insect to pass through to the live grill.
Safe to Use. It will kill the mosquito, which is sucking blood on the human body without delivering an electric shock. Therefore it is safe to use.
110 - 240 V Power Input. This model may be recharged using 110 to 240 volts input.
Innovative Plug Design. The power plug is designed to fold into the handle of the bat. To charge, flick the plug out and twist the posts outwards so they fit the Australian sockets.
Light. This model is fitted with a light for tracking the mosquito in dark areas like underneath the table or BBQ.
Portable. Take your Aussie Mossie Zapper anywhere. Ideal for camping, fishing, bush walking, BBQ's and outdoor use.


Charging. When charging connect to a 110 - 240 V, 50 Hz power source.
Charge The Batteries. You must charge the batteries for 8 - 15 hours before use. They can be recharged up to 600 times.
Switch. The switch is set in the down position for OFF. Switch up for turning on grill. Push the button to deliver the power to the grill. In the 'UP' position the light may be switched on by pressing the red button on the handle and the grill is still active when the light is on.
Blinking Light. A blinking light means that you need to recharge the batteries for 8 - 15 hours continuous.


Safety Precaution. Do not press the switch or touch the surface of the Zapper when in contact with the skin.
Petrol & Flammable Substances. Do not use in the vicinity of petrol or other flammable substances as the spark could ignite fumes.
Electric Shock. Do not poke fingers through the net or touch the grill.
Not Suitable For Children! Children must only use the Zapper when under adult supervision.
Keep Dry. Do not get the Zapper wet! The Zapper may lose high voltage output when in damp conditions or wet weather. The efficiency could decline in these conditions. If this occurs dry the Zapper with a hair dryer blowing warm air until efficiency is restored. When dried the Zapper will return to normal efficiency.
Debugging. Shake the zapper to remove dead insect carcasses.
Nets & Grill. Be careful not to damage the nets and grill as this could cause the Zapper to short circuit.

To Avoid Electric Shock!!

Please Ensure That The Grill Has Discharged
Before Repacking In Box!!

You can do this by first turning off the bat and
touching the grill with a piece of live vegetation
such as a gum leaf or blade of grass.
Once the grill has discharged it should be safe to repack.

Petrol & Flammable Substances!

Do not use in the vicinity of petrol or other flammable substances
as the spark could ignite fumes.

Recommendation: On my recent overseas trip, I took my Mossie Zapper wherever I went and never had a problem with flies or biting insects. Gerald Pauley.

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