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No more messy adhesives on your specimens.

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The base for this 35 pound crystal was made with EzeeMould™

Mineral, crystal, gemstone and slab stands are commonly made from moulded thermoplastics or may be laser cut and formed from materials such as polyester, styrene, acrylic and Perepex™.

EzeeMould™ is a mouldable thermoplastic which can be quickly and easily shaped by hand to conform to the shape of the base of your mineral, fossil, crystal, gemstone or slab.

Because you mould or shape the stand yourself, you are saving money. Mineral stands usually require expensive equipment to mass produce them but, EzeeMould™ is easily shaped by hand..

Give EzeeMould™ a try.

How touse EzeeMould™
for Mineral Stands, Slab Stands, Gemstone Stands, Fossil Standsand more.
Low price- costs less than $1.00 per stand for specimens up to 4"X 2.5"
And you get the stand you want.
EzeeMould™ can be shaped to the base of any specimen


Do you have problems with 'Blue Tac', or similar products used for displaying gems, crystals, minerals and fossils?


EzeeMould™ is a neat and clean alternative that will not stick to your precious specimens.

EzeeMould™ is a new product which will assist you in enhancing your collection. EzeeMould™ is versatile and can be moulded to almost any shape enabling you to present your specimens to their best advantage.

Hard to display specimens are easy with EzeeMould™.

By following the simple instructions, you can display almost any specimen in your collection without fear of a sticky, baked on mess when you try to remove it.

EzeeMould™ will not stick to your specimen. You can remove the specimen and replace it.

We have used EzeeMould™ on crocoite, 6" long selenite crystals, to stand them on their point, quartz crystals and a host of minerals that are just too difficult to display. Shape EzeeMould™ around the base of your finest and most friable specimens to display them at the right angle.

EzeeMould™ eliminates most of your worries about displaying specimens because you can shape it around the base of a specimen - NO MATTER WHAT SHAPE!

EzeeMould™ is less expensive than mineral stands and can be reused. Costs less than a dollar a stand for specimens up to 4" X 2.5" (according to weight of specimen).

EzeeMould™ is more versatile than mineral - mould it to the shape of the base of your specimen.

We will be adding more examples for the use of EzeeMould™ over the next few days.

If you have any questions, please write.

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Mineral Stands


Tanbar Springs, N.S.W.

Stilbite and Apophyllite

Cacite and Galena



Front and Side View to Left. See how easily the specimen balances.

Side View



See Side View

Side View
See how the specimen can be easily removed from EzeeMould™


See Close Up
A very difficult specimen to display. It's easy with

Make a stand to balance a double terminated crystal

Dundas Extended Mine

You can make stands with EzeeMould™ for minerals with friable matrix too.

Price Structure

Package Instructions

EzeeMould™ is a safe, non-toxic, thermoplastic which may be moulded by hand into a variety of shapes for use in a wide variety of applications.

With EzeeMould™ you can make special guards and grips for small tools which are not available on the market and customise your tools for you own personal applications. Unlike some thermoplastics, EzeeMould™ remains pliable and, if reheated, can be moulded for a new application.

Simply place a small amount of granules into a stainless steel strainer and lower the strainer into a pot (an electric frypan is ideal because it will keep a constant temperature) of boiling water (keep the temperature between 80° C - 100ºC for best results). Heat until all the granules melt and stick together.

When the granules have melted, and joined to form a mouldable blob, remove from the water and separate the required amount, placing it back in the water to reheat. When heated through again, remove it from the water and place it on a flat surface ready for shaping to the bottom of the piece you wish to display.

Shape the piece of EzeeMould™ by pressing the bottom of your selected specimen into the EzeeMould™ whilst holding EzeeMould™ firm against the flat surface. Shape EzeeMould™ around tha base and up te back of the specimen, ensuring that there is sufficient EzeeMould™ to support the specimen to prevent your piece from tumbling over.

Once you have the specimen at the desired balanced angle, remove it from the EzeeMould™ and allow the EzeeMould™ to cool (throwing EzeeMould™ into a bucket of cold water will work very well). When cooled put the specimen back into the moulded EzeeMould™ stand. If you are not happy with the way the specimen stands, simply place the EzeeMould™ back into the hot water and reshape it.

This pack contains sufficient EzeeMould™ to make between 15 and 20 stands for specimens between 2" X 1" to 4" X 2.5".

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1 Sample Pack - $A15.00
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For further information on the uses of EzeeMould™, please call back.
We will add any new ideas as people write to us.


Over the next few days,we will add new uses for EzeeMould™

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